Does your business have a Disaster Recovery plan?

Don’t risk your business continuity

Not having a disaster recovery plan is risky business. More Australian businesses are reliant on technology as the key element to keep their business running smoothly. In the event of a disaster, you need someone working to protect your business continuity. Floods, threats to security, cyber attacks, power outages, and urban fires happen everyday, and if you’re not prepared, your business could be in trouble. Keeping your business online and functioning during a man-made or natural disaster is key. Any interruptions could have profound consequences that carry into the long-term. A Disaster Recovery Plan will have actions to secure your data, keep your business critical IT systems operating, and protect against data and asset loss.

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The risks of not having a disaster recovery plan

Business doesn’t stop for anyone, even in the wake of a disaster or threat, and not having a Disaster Recovery Plan is a risk not worth taking. One incident can take down your operating systems and mission-critical virtualised applications. You could quickly lose access to your data and servers, and in turn lose valuable business, revenue and hard-won customers. Disasters can easily have a ripple effect in your business, and it doesn’t take long for customers to be impacted. Protecting your ability to deliver a service or fulfil a need becomes even more important in times of disaster.

Reputation damage can cause long-lasting financial difficulties for your business. Not only can it affect your bottom-line, but it can also severely hinder your chances of future investment.

Here’s how we can help

iseek can be vital to your business continuity in the face of a disruption or disaster in a number of different ways. We can provide you with the essential tools for your Disaster Recovery Plan, to safeguard and protect your data and business critical IT systems. Provisioning disaster recovery solutions is one of our many areas of expertise and companies across Australia are turning towards our cloud-based services in preparation. As part of our service, we offer cloud server backup, Cloud DR as a service, and Cloud storage replication. iseek’s disaster recovery solutions are supported by purpose-built and engineered data centres that are certified to ISO 27001:2013.

Having a business continuity plan is no longer just a good idea – It’s necessary to have a complete solution. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you’re impacted. It pays to take the precautionary step and have a smart, comprehensive plan in place.

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