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Gentlemen Driver

What is a Gentlemen Driver?  And does iseek’s CEO, Jason Gomersall fit the mould?


Jason Gomersall

“Gentlemen Driver, that’s an interesting term isn’t it, the other term is pro-Amateur, or Pro-Am, I’m comfortable with either, and they probably accurately describe my role in the sport.

I’m very fortunate that I get to race in a couple of different series’, with a mix of amateur drivers like myself, people that have other careers or interests and then come and compete with the pros.

It’s a fantastic opportunity, some days you can compete quite successfully against the pros and a lot of days you don’t, but when it’s all said and done, the weekend’s over and you’re back in the office Monday morning doing something else.  I feel very very fortunate to be able to do it.”

Frank Karlovez – Matt Stone Racing Commercial Manager

“I’m not sure about the term Gentlemen Driver, I think anyone who is prepared to don the suit, put the helmet on and give it what-for is really not a Gentleman Driver, I think that they get termed Gentleman Drivers perhaps because of their age, but really they are as passionate as the 16 year old professionals.

Both Jason and two other more senior drivers in our Super 3 team are as competitive as they can be,

and that’s the same competitiveness that got Jason, professionally, from a start-up to the powerhouse that iseek is today.

Supercars is Australia’s highest technology sport so from that point of view we really see ourselves far and above any other sport in terms of use of technology, delivery of that technology as an entertainment medium, and the use that technology to get the at last 10th of a second that we know we need to succeed.”

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