Sponsor Ride Day

Tech people tend to love motorsport due to its highly technical nature. iseek CEO, Jason Gomersall explains the synergies between his co-ownership of Supercars team, Matt Stone Racing and iseek, and how he uses the sport to nurture and entertain his customer’s around the nation.


Jason Gomersall

“My Supercars involvement goes back and fair way, I started racing myself as a hobby in 2003, and was hooked from the very first race – so what started out as a hobby is now a serious business for me.

iseek has customers in every state of Australia, and traditionally technology people tend to like Motorsport, whether it be Formula One or Supercars, because of the technology aspect of the sport, so having the capability of entertaining customers at each race is massively important to me.  We try to get as many as them as possible to the track and immerse them in the behind the scenes experience.

There’s a lot of synergies between iseek and MSR, and I think I’ve been able to use those well over the years to advance both businesses.”

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