The value of ISO 27001 in Data Centre and Cloud infrastructure

Companies are engaging Cloud and Data Centre services at a dramatically growing speed, with many businesses housing their entire IT infrastructure off-premise. It begs the question: how have they planned to effectively mitigate the risks associated with data protection? Now more than ever data security is one of the most important factors to safely running a business. Any breach in private data will significantly impact a business yielding both immediate and long-term repercussions.

The recent down fall of Ashley Madison at the hands of a data breach is a perfect example of the consequences that can be experienced when classified information falls into the wrong hands. Whilst the Ashley Madison case is an extreme example it does justify the need to plan with extreme caution when protecting business and customer data. Ashley Madison has suffered irreparable damage to their brand from the data hack and is now conducting damage control against the many customers who have been severely affected by the incident.

It is difficult to know what could have been done to prevent the data hack, and if perhaps Ashley Madison were negligible in protecting their data. However there are global standards and processes available to promote business security and provide the best opportunity for successful data protection.

For example the ISO 27001 Certification offers a set of standards, codes of conduct and best practice guidelines to ensure strong IT service management. ISO 27001 is a technology/vendor-neutral information management standard that offers prescription for the features of an effective Information Security Management System. The standard is increasingly being seen as a prerequisite for secure data management taking into account all areas of business operations.

The main security precautions covered being globalisation, government directives, terrorist activities and threat hackers. Put simply it provides peace of mind as Cloud and Data Centre providers who follow the ISO 27001 regulations are aligned with a global standard in security and best prepared to handle any security threats to customer data.

Many forget security is a risk that needs to be mitigated both from an IT and physical infrastructure perspective. As the most complex networks can be housed in very basic data centres or extremely secure data centres can facilitate networks with vulnerable design. In each case security is compromised, however the ISO 27001 certification manages both of these variables to ensure a standardised process is upheld for protecting data. Consistently examining this process so it’s improved, with some top tier facilities protected by biometric scanners, armed guards, mantraps and the list goes on.

It provides food for thought as more businesses migrate to Cloud and Data Centre solutions to achieve operational benefits and IT innovations. ISO 27001 provides assurance for the infrastructure that supports these emerging technologies and protects businesses from data breaches that as seen in Ashley Madisons circumstances can be so damaging.

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