PROTECTED Cloud Cyber Security

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iseek PROTECTED Cloud offers high-level cyber security Cloud Computing specifically designed to protect the highly sensitive data of government organisations and critical infrastructure entities.

Government and business cyber-security

In the face of a surge in cyber-attacks on government organisations and businesses, iseek has bolstered security on its digital frontline with the delivery of Queensland’s first locally hosted PROTECTED Cloud service in partnership with Canberra-based high-security cloud specialist Vault Cloud.

The iseek PROTECTED Cloud offers cyber security capabilities, including threat detection and prevention, to help organisations stay secure online.

cloud security

iseek’s investment in Cloud Security

iseek’s cyber security investment comes as government agencies and other enterprises with highly sensitive data — such as defence, aviation, banking, mining, healthcare, aged care, police and various other sectors — look to expand critical digital infrastructure in response to demand driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does your organisation meet the regulations of critical infrastructure entities under the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (the SOCI Act)?

The iseek PROTECTED Cloud, powered by Vault Cloud, is IRAP-assessed, taking into account the relevant security controls of the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM), ranging from the thickness and sturdiness of doors to how data is managed and encrypted on disks.

Government and Enterprise Data Security

iseek’s PROTECTED Cloud is built to meet the data security demands of modern Government and Corporate enterprises. It supports innovation with a high-performance, hyperscale open stack Cloud. iseek’s latest investment completes the security picture for Queensland agencies and businesses aiming to leverage secure cloud services as part of their transformation journey. iseek’s PROTECTED Cloud powered by Vault is hosted locally to ensure data sovereignty and is backed by our Australian-based support team.

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