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How To Estimate The Cost Of Unplanned Downtime

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iseek have helped many Australian businesses to design and implement their disaster recovery (DR) and backup solutions. The cost of a DR solution can vary significantly, depending on the business’ tolerance to failures and downtime. Many of our customers use iseek’s Data Centre and Cloud as a DR destination, providing iseek with visibility of how this problem is approached.

Understanding the true cost of unplanned downtime is critical for allocating a DR budget and is often the first step to creating a business DR solution. We want to share our experience and view of how to determine the cost of application downtime, therefore demonstrating the value of a DR solution.

The available E-Book discusses several approaches for this problem as well as the suggested methods that can be used to inexpensively estimate the costs associated with unplanned downtime.

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“How to Accurately Estimate The Cost of Business Downtime”

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